Goodbye Crossroads Flea Market

As my dad was fond of staying, “…Nothing stays the same.  Things either get better or get worse.”  In anticipation of Doodles returning next weekend with Monica Canilao and crew of carpenters to reconstruct a food vending stand for Mrs. Woody a mile from my house, I learned that no more construction can happen at the Crossroads Flea Market site.  It seems there’s a family that lives close to the flea market site who has been complaining to the Inscription House Chapter that every Saturday during the flea market people relieve themselves in the shrub surrounding the market site.  Rather than install toilets since the site was never designated for this purpose, the Chapter is shutting it down.  That means Mr. Daw’s food stand with Overunder’s piece is history…



Mr. Daw’s food stand coming down


white-corn,-yellow-corn white-corn,-yellow-corn-detail

Overunder’s original mural in June 2012.

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