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backstory on the funding request

This is the 3rd year getting artists out to the Navajo nation to participate in the Painted Desert Project.  In previous years I’ve approached local businesses, such as the Inscription House Trading Post, the Lannan Foundation in New Mexico and businesses in Flagstaff for financial support.  Additionally, any time I make money from doing installations that money goes into the pot to bring artists to the rez.  I had an amazing spring in that I participated in the Public Festival by Form in Perth, Australia and received financial love from the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program.  All of that money went into the Painted Desert Project.  However, while in Australia I had a little incident where I absent-mindedly put unleaded fuel into a diesel vehicle.  Not pretty.  In essence, this has left me $2K short.

Any financial support you can offer to help fund LNY, Mata Ruda, Jaz and Hyuro coming out next month will be greatly appreciated.  My son will thank you as well since I’ll stop “borrowing” from his college fund.

In order to donate, click here + thanks!

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mrs. woody, on her knees, assisting with the installation of her food stand (july 2014)


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national endowment for the arts

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fuck jesse helms.  admittedly, the reference to jesse helms may seem obscure.  but as a fellow raleighite who knows his history all too well, my sentiment remains unchanged.  for you who don’t know, check it:

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