return of the painted desert project

i returned to work last week after a 3 month break where i got to get art up in perth, australia, oakland, philly + hotchkiss, colorado (population 923).  it took a little getting used to but by the end of the week i was getting my patient care groove back.  people ask me sometimes whether there’s any carry over between my work as a doctor and the public art project i’m doing.  it’s one thing to say “yeah, i get to use both sides of my brain in a complimentary manner attempting to create a state of wellness + restore balance so people can walk in beauty and to actually interact with people and feel their appreciation that i’m back.  and back i am!

the painted desert project will kick off in a few weeks with an outstanding line up of artists + carpenters including monica canilao (oakland + detroit), doodles (new mexico + washington state), jorael elliot (phoenix + l.a.), troy lovegates (montreal + san francisco), jaz (buenos aires, argentina), labrona (montreal, canada) and hyuro (valencia, spain).   i’m thankful for people in the community who have expressed a willingness to work with the visiting artists.  it should be an awesome season so stay tuned!



IMG_7524 IMG_7526 IMG_7534 in route to the grand canyon

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