Nizhoni Farms

In the Navajo language the word “nizhoni” means beautiful or beauty.  This past weekend Labrona, Troy Lovegates and I spent a night with the Sheppard family of Rocky Ridge at their homestead, Nizhoni Farms.  Indeed, it truly was beautiful.

1.  louise-with-freshly-picked-greens-for-troy-lovegates 2.  louise 3.  hoghan-3 4.  hoghan-2 6.  inside-louise's-hoghan 7.  inside-louise's-hoghan-2 8.  derek-(early-morning) 9.--labrona-brushing-his-teeth 10.--troy-lovegates-washing-up 11.--labrona---painter-of-trains 12.--alarm-clock 13.--labrona 14.--troy-lovegates-+-kee

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