the green room




the green room, a place of meditation + contemplation.

green references the long history of uranium mining on the colorado plateau/navajo nation where 90% of our nuclear arsenal during the cold war came from diné lands and the resulting contamination of the land, water, livestock and humans since 1942.

to learn more about ongoing threats of uranium mining in and around the grand canyon (our national treasure and one of the 7 wonders of the world), check the grand canyon trust for more info.  in a recently published paper they note “You’d think the Grand Canyon — our crown jewel national park — would be protected from uranium contamination. Think again.  Several uranium mines and hundreds more uranium claims outside park boundaries threaten to permanently pollute the most remarkable gorge in the world.”

also check indigenous action media for the good work they’re doing with the #haulno campaign to prevent uranium ore from the canyon mine at the south rim of the grand canyon across diné lands to a mill in southern utah.

to quote concerned citizen susan jane heske “we can make a difference by reading the grand canyon trust report and calling/emailing our elected officials supporting the ban on uranium mining and protecting the grand canyon, and/or donating to legal funds and nonprofit organizations.”

lastly, check out the short film by bart hawkins on the impact of mining uranium at canyon mine is having on the water source for the havasupai who live in the grand canyon.

stay strong in the struggle!

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