andrea avery (chetek, wisconsin)

1.  andrea-meeting-with-garrison-+-caroline



In my work I draw from nature and observations. Animals often become symbolic of important people in my life. For me, the bluebird is alwaysa representation of my grandma Shirley Avery. She was a kind woman with a huge heart who you could always find in the kitchen wearing a flour sack apron. So when I stumbled upon the Bluebird flour logo, I immediately thought of her. It made me really start to think about her recipes and the how food was something that brought us together.

This piece is a stylized version of the iconic Bluebird Flour logo used to make Fry Bread. I felt honored to be able to place this piece on a rebuilt stand for a couple who often bring their grandchildren along to help and spend time with them there. This piece is not only in honor of my grandmother but also dedicated to all grandparents/elders and the importance of their knowledge and the traditions they hand down that binds generations now and to be passed on to generations to come.

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