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hugo’s stand

serita dale's grandson with his ferret

 serita dale’s grandson with his ferret.





“protect and preserve the holy spaces.  the confluence of the grand canyon belongs to all of us, all the people.  our ancestors preserved it for us.  let us preserve it for generations to come.”

renae yellowhorse for save the confluence.



hugo’s stand (jetsonorama x nicolas lampert)


today was one of those amazing days.  i mean how often does a kid with his ferret stop by?  thanks so serita dale and her ferret carrying grandson for stopping by to share some love.  thanks to robert + utahana for stopping by.  it’s been a minute since i’ve seen you two.  it’s always good when i do though.  thanks too to karen begay who stopped by sharing conversation + water infused with navajo tea you picked today in zion.  yeah, today was one of those amazing days…

 for more information on the proposal to build a resort at a sacred site in the grand canyon, check:

1.   new york times (december 3 2014)

2.  smithsonian magazine (march 2015)

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