screen prints!

klee + princess


Klee + Princess – “What we do to the mountain, we do to ourselves”               $75

19 x 25 hand pulled, 2 color screen print on archival paper (2nd edition of 50 now available as of June 2016)

Signed, stamped + numbered

Backstory:  the people speak


step on parched earth

“I am the change”                                                                                           $50

19 x 25 hand pulled, 1 color screen print on archival paper (edition of 50)

signed, numbered and stamped



JC at age 5 holding a print of herself at 6 months titled “rethink coal”               $35

15 x 25 hand pulled, 1 color screen print on archival paper (edition of 50)

Signed, numbered and stamped


jc with coal cloud

Jess X. Chen holding a 19 x 25, one color, hand-pulled screen print of JC looking up at the coal cloud (minus the power plant), on archival paper

Signed, numbered + stamped


The text around the print reads “The U. S. is the 2nd largest producer of CO2 in the world though it’s home to just 4.4% of the world’s population.  If everyone in the world lived like people in the U. S., it would take 4 earths to provide enough resources for everyone.  (From the National Wildlife Federation)”



Commemorative People’s Climate March poster                                               $50

This poster was made originally to promote the People’s Climate March in NYC September 2014.  The reprint was made in anticipation of the World Climate Summit (December 2015 in paris).  Show the Painted Desert Project some love by getting a one color, hand pulled (by the good people at Ocelot Print Shop in Detroit), commemorative screen print on 19 x 25 archival paper. They’re a limited edition of fifty, signed, stamped + numbered.



Stephanie on JR’s house

19 x 25 hand pulled, 1 color screen print on archival paper (edition of 50)

Signed, numbered and stamped





“Police line do not cross”

19 x 25 hand pulled, 3 color screen print on archival paper (edition of 50)

Signed, numbered and stamped


The text on the bottom reads “I love America more than any other country in this world, and exactly for this reason, I insist on the right to criticize her perpetually.  James A. Baldwin, Notes of a Native Son, 1955.”

The text on the left side reads “U.S. Code 8 – Respect for the flag (a) The flag should never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.”

Guardian article detailing rate of African-American deaths by the police in 2015.



Jess X. Chen holding a 4 color, hand-pulled screen print on archival paper of Dr. King.

Signed, numbered + stamped


This poster was created from a sticker originally designed for a criminal justice reform campaign by Amplifier Foundation. The text reads “…MLK was arrested 30 times as part of a strategy for social change. Today in the U. S. young men of color are incarcerated at the HIGHEST RATE in the WORLD. The rate is 1 in 17 white men, 1 in 3 black men and 1 in 6 Latino men.”

Amplifier Foundation writes “Prisons don’t work. One out of every 100 Americans is behind bars. The U.S. spends $80 billion/year on incarceration. Seventy million Americans have a criminal record. In too many neighborhoods young people of color are more likely to go to prison than to college. It’s time to move #beyondprisons. If you or your family have been affected by this system of mass incarceration, we would like to hear from you. ”

“Tell us your story by uploading it to social media as either a short video or short story using the hashtag #myprisonstory.”


The Dinè nation is rich with oil, natural gas, coal, uranium + water in aquifers.  Yet, as a result of decades of being treated as a colonized nation approximately 25% of the 180,000 people living on the rez don’t have running water (or electricity though more people are getting solar systems).

This new 2 color, 16″ x 25″ hand pulled screen print,  edition of 100 will be used to raise money for Dig Deep, a private California based company bringing water (+ solar energy) to the rez through the Navajo Water Project.  The prints go for $70 including shipping with 100% of funds going to the Navajo Water Project.


19 x 25, one color hand pulled screen print on archival paper; edition of 50.  This print was made originally for School of the Americas Border Encuentro 2017.   $50.


Three Wee Kings …………… Colonialist version

Free Wee Kings …………….Abolitionist version

We Free Kings ……………. Roland Kirk version, 1961

2 color, hand pulled, limited edition print of 50 on archival paper.  $50


My apologies the site isn’t set up as a business site.  However, if you’re interested in something, email me at:  All monies will be used to bring more art to the rez and to work with local artists in the Painted Desert Project.


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