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national endowment for the arts

1.  head-on-fire


fuck jesse helms.  admittedly, the reference to jesse helms may seem obscure.  but as a fellow raleighite who knows his history all too well, my sentiment remains unchanged.  for you who don’t know, check it:

People’s Climate March

I want to give a big shout out to Nicholas Lampert of Justseeds Printmaking Collective for asking me to submit a poster for consideration to publicize the upcoming climate mobilization in NYC.    I learned tonight that it’s a go!  Thanks to Monica Canilao and Nick Mann (“Doodles”), for helping to make this happen!  Much love to y’all.



people's climate march monica-(red-background)




Monica Canilao + Doodles


And now for something new + different for the Painted Desert Project, multidisciplinary artist Monica Canilao and muralist Doodles will be coming in a few days to repair, re-imagine some roadside stands.  It’s the first time the Painted Desert Project has included a construction, sculptural component.  Stay tuned!  It should be exciting.


Meanwhile, the proposed Escalade resort won’t go away.  Despite Navajo nation president Ben Shelley saying the tribe won’t pursue the project due the costs of fighting law suits opposing it, the developer continues to move the project forward.

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